Electric Water Heaters Ecoway

Electric Water Heaters Ecoway

50, 80, 100L

ECO+ FUNCTION minimized electrical losses in the heater for reduced electrical power consumption.

DAILY TIME PROGRAMMER allows programming 3 time ranges for optimized use of electric tariffs and minimized the electric power consumption.

ELECTRONIC CONTROL SYSTEM is a precise and accurate manner to set the operating parameters.

LED DISPLAY shows information neccesaryfor heater control and adjustment.

ACTIVE ELECTRIC PROTECTION disconnects the electric heater at two poles.

ANTI-LEGIONELLA FUNCTION automatic water overheat at set intervals.

ANTI-LEGIONELLEN-FUNKTION Automatische Zeittrinkwassererwärmung.

"DRY STOP" FUNCTION protects the heater from damage when the tank is empty.

DIAGNOSTICS signalling incorrect operation.

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