Electric Water Heaters Small

Electric Water Heaters Small

5, 10L (above or below washbasin)

INSTALLED WHEREVER hot water demand from one or several taps is low and hot water is drawn frequently.

CAN ALSO OPERATE AS a non-pressurized device with one hot water draw-off point, with a special three-way tap assembly.

DURABILITY is ensured by a magnesium anode and ceramic enamel, fired at 850OC.


INSULATION made of polystyrene.

Technical data

SMALL Electric water heaters
  10.5NE  10.10NE 10.5PE 10.10PE
 Symbol   10.5NE 10.10NE 10.5PE 10.10PE
 Method of assembly   above washbasin below washbasin
 Time of heating up to 65OC (Δt=45) min. 11 23 11 23
 Rated voltage V/Hz 230/50
 Electric heater power W 1500
 Maximal rated current
A 6,5
 Temperature adjustment range OC 7-65
 Minimal/Maximal rated temperature OC 5/85
 Maximal tank working pressure Mpa 0,6
 Height/Width/Depth cm 41/25/22 44/29/26 41/25/22 44/29/26
 Protection rating IP 24
 Net weight (without water) kg 5 7 5 7
 Energy class
  B B B B

Some parameters - e.g. heating time – may vary, depending on actual conditions.

P.P.U.H. LEMET reserves the right to make modifications without a prior notice or justification.

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