Vertical Enamelled Storage Tank 500-2000 Series Ne

Vertical Enamelled Storage Tank 500-2000 Series Ne

500, 800, 1000, 1500, 2000

USED to store domestic hot water.

POSSIBILITY OF ADDITIONAL HEATING of water by optionally installed electric heating element.

DURABILITY is ensured by a magnesium or titanium anode and ceramic enamel, fired at 850OC.

INSULATION 500 made from polyurethane foam, 800 to 2000 made of removable polyurethane sponge.

AESTHETIC HOUSING made of leatherette in grey color.

Technical data

  Typ 15.500NE 15.800NE 15.1000N 15.1500NE 15.2000NE
 Symbol   15.500NE  15.800NE 15.1000NE 15.1500NE 15.2000NE
 Nominal capacity L 500 800 1000 1500 2000
 Real capacity  L 497 796 974 1475 1904
 Water tank maximum working temperature and pressure   95 OC / 8 Bar
 Weight kg 125 175 211 338 388
 Magnesium anode   AM-EF2887 2xAM-EO2775 2x AM-EO2776 3x AM-EO2775 3x AM-EO2776
 Optional titanium anode   AT500 AT2000
 Optional electric heating element   G.K.2,0(6/4) / G.K.4,5(6/4) / G.K.6,0(6/4) / G.K.9,0(6/4) / G.K.12(6/4)
 Energy class   C E E E F

P.P.U.H. LEMET reserves the right to make modifications without a prior notice or justification.

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