Magnesium Anode

Magnesium Anode

DESIGNED TO protect an enamelled tank against corrosion. Subject to periodic replacement in compliance with the provisions of the tank warranty.

ANTY-CORROSION PROTECTION oxygen contained in the domestic water and mineral compounds dissolved there in lead to corrosion of the tank, as its steel walls are subject to oxidation. That's why surfaces in contact with water are enamelled. As each enamel coat contains micro-cavities and water can come into contact with the steel tank walls, the magnesium anode is installed as an additional protective measure.

MAGNESIUM ANODE is made of an alloy of a base, physiologically non-aggressive magnesium that gets dissolved instead of the steel and protects the iron against oxidation. As a result of this process, the magnesium anode undergoes degradation and should be replaced periodically.

OVERCOME DISAGREABLE SMELL and colour of the water. When the water contains high amounts of sulphates and other minerals, gaseous hydrogen sulphide can form, characterized by a rotten egg smell. To remove the unpleasant odour, rinse and clean the tank, heat water to at least 80°C for at least 6 hours and replace the anode with a new one. Finally, add a small amount of chlorine. If it doesn't work, replace the anode with an electronic one.

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